About us

Manufacturer & Exporter of all natural dates-based products including date sugar (powder), Date seeds coffee, Date honey or Date Liquid Sugar, chopped date and etc.

Tropical Sunshine Green Palm Co. (GolNik Date) is the biggest factory in Iran active in the field of manufacturing, processing and exporting 100% pure Date based products, all as natural sweeteners, including date sugar (powder), date hoeny or Date Liquid Sugar or light color date syrup, chopped date and etc. on large quantities based on internatioanl standards and qualities.

GolNik dates factory is 6,000 m2 located in Shamsabad industrial Park (35 km far from Tehran) equipped with the most modern date washing, sorting, drying, processing and packing machinery and highly proficient technicians supported by a well equipped R&D department.

Needless to say, natural sweeteners like date-based products are now regarded worldwide as the best, cheapest alternate for available industrial, highly processed sweeteners like white sugar, glucose, Sucrose and etc. 

We have a solution for every industry which is using all natural, 100% pure sweeteners. Just Contact us!

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