GolNik Dates factory is founded in a 6,000 m2 site in ShamsAbad Industrial City (35 km far from Tehran) which is the biggest industrial city in Iran.

Having the below facilities, has made us the best date processor and exporter factory in Iran which is able to export about 5,000 Tons of various kinds of date-based products (including date sugar (powder), Date Liquid Sugar, Date Honey, Chopped Date, Date Seeds Coffee and etc.) per year:

+ GolNik factory has a 400 m2 cold warehouse

+GolNik Factory has all required modern machinery for washing, drying, sterilizing, sorting, vacuuming and packing for its different products

+ GolNik Factory has a powerful export team which are handling all related affairs smoothly

+ GolNik Factory has good relations with international banks which can help us in payment transfers

+ GolNik Factory has a very well equipped R&D department which is investigating on new products and evaluating the market trends to extend the dates based products portfolio as much as possible

+ GolNik factory has various kinds of packing machinery which make it able to offer various kinds of packing from bulk to retail packing to its cutomers for different products

+ All GolNik Date Products are 100% pure without any preservatives or additives to make them the best, healthiest natural sweeteners ever

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