Dates Truffle

Raw Iranian Dates Truffle

GolNik Dates Truffle: made by mixing organic Iranian date paste with various nuts (almonds, walnuts, pistachio, peanuts and etc.) and sesame, available in various tastes and packing
GolNik Dates Truffles Description: 
Dates truffles are actually a kind of organic paste, made out of dates mixed up with sesame and nuts, which make them one of GolNik most delicious and nutritious products.
GolNik Nutty date truffles are a sweet ‘’pick-me-up’’ treat that is naturally sweetened with dates without adding sugar.
GolNik truffles are made out of premium quality, washed, sorted and sterilized pitted dates with no preservatives or additives.
In addition to nutritious values of dates, sesame and nuts (e.g. walnuts, cashews, almonds, pistachios and peanuts) raise the food value of our truffles and make our truffles a healthy, invigorating, vegan snack for all age groups.
Using dates with sesame and nuts is part of Iranian ancient medical traditions to retrieve body strength and wellness.
Dates and sesame and nuts are the most healthy and beneficial choices known in nature. Using them in everyday life is ideal and kids and teens, pregnant ladies, athletes, and whoever in needs to strengthen their physical powers can be benefited from this amazing mixture.
This GolNik Product contains only the natural sugar in dates, it is a great alternative to many sugary commercial products and you can rest knowing exactly what you are serving for your family.
GolNik Dates Truffle production process:
High quality Iranian raw date paste made in GolNik date paste production hall is delivered to Dates truffle production hall and the ball shape is made. Then, the ball shape date pastes are coated with various kinds of nuts, sesame and seed kernels to make various tastes date truffles. Finally, the truffles are packed in prior designed boxes and delivered to the customers. 
Main characteristics of GolNik Dates Truffles:
+ No bake
+ Sweet, chewy, and wholesome
+ gluten-free, Vegan. no dairy, no soy, no artificial flavors, no preservatives, no fillers, non GMO
+ Highly nutritious, organic
+ New taste, New Formula
+ Long shelf life
+ Invigorating for kids and athletes
GolNik Dates Truffles available Packing: various supermarket packing gift packing or other retail or bulk packing as per buyers’ demands
Health benefits of GolNik Date Truffles:
+ Very Nutritious
+ High in Fiber
+ High in Disease-Fighting Antioxidants
+ Promote Brain Health
+ Promote Natural Labor
+ Excellent Natural Sweetener
+ Promote bone health
+ Control blood sugar 
Certification: All Custom required documents like PI, PL, PQ, Sanitary certificate, National standard certificate, microbial test analysis and etc. are offered at the time of exporting.
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