Zahedi Date

Organic Zahidi Dates

Iranian Zahedi (Zahidi or Ghasab) Date: Dry date, Organic, premium quality, cheap price
Our Factory treatment for Zahedi Date: Zahedi dates in our factory are all washed, dried, sterlized, sorted, vacuumed and then packed into high quality export packing as per buyer's request.
Main specifications of Iranian Zahedi Date:
Moisture: under 14%                                       Color: Yellow                                         Shelf life: 18 months
Shape: oval-shaped which is narrower at the end
Physical characteristics: Whole dates, brown color, semi-dried and dry
Payment terms: L/C, TT, Cash, Western Union
Packing: Our branded packings or customer design packing
All Pirooz Date products are exported with ISIRI, PQ, CC and Fumigation and other required phytosanitary certificates.
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Zahidi Dates also known as Zahedi or Ghasab dates are just one of the varieties of dates lovingly produced in Iran - home of the most exquisite dates in the world. Of these, the Zahedi date is considered the most frequently used variety of date in Iran. It is considered one of the most delicious dry dates in the world.
Iranian Zahedi dates are thick, small, oval dates, about 3.5cm in size. Iranian Zahedi dates have a distinctive appearance; they are hard, shiny and dried up, sometimes their skins sticks to the flesh and sometimes, based on weather (heat, humidity), the fruit skin will separate from the fleshy part. They range from yellow to light brown in colour depending on ripeness. With a moisture content of less than 14%, lower than that of other varieties, they are considered a dried fruit.
Iranian Zahedi dates are meaty and delicious and, as they are considerably less sweet than other date varieties available, they are particularly suited to those who aren't hugely keen on sweet tasting things.
The Zahedi date can be grown in any of the most tropical cities of Iran but the majority of Zahedi date fruit cultivation occurs in Fars and Kerman provinces. This is also where the best kind of Iranian Zahedi date fruit is thought to be found. Zahedi dates can also be grown in cities such as Firuz Abad, Bushehr, Lar, Ahvaz, Khorram Shahr, as well as in other countries, such as Iraq and America. Elsewhere in Iran, Khuzestan province (Khorram Shahr etc.) produces a variation on the Zahedi date, known as the Zohdi Date.
Iranian Zahedi dates are usually harvested in mid September in different areas, but are available in markets from October to March.
Zahedi is one of the major species of dried date fruit and has an impressive annual yield. Considered the most frequently used variety of date fruit in Iran, the Zahedi date can be grown in most tropic cities. Of all Zahedi dates produced, the vast majority are consumed in domestic markets; however, due to booming production and high quality in recent years, steps have been taken to export Zahedi dates to international markets.
For the time being, our Zahedi dates are exported on large scale to many countries including Pakistan, Turkey and etc.
Iranian Zahedi dates can be kept at normal room temperature for around 18 months - 2 years with intermittent fumigation. Zahedi dates are highly durable and the fact that they do not require refrigeration makes shipping them easy.
Iranian Zahedi dates contain a variety of minerals (such as potassium, magnesium and protein), vitamins (such as vitamin A, vitamin B complex and vitamin C) and sugars (such as fructose). Their high folate content makes them an effective way of increasing blood circulation. The calorie content of the Zahedi date is made up mostly of simple carbohydrates, some proteins and very little fat. 100g of dried Zahedi dates contains is made up of 70% carbohydrates, 2.2% protein and 0.6% fat and contains around 300 calories. 100g of fresh Zahedi dates, in comparison, contains around 160 calories. Zahedi dates can even help to prevent from various health conditions and diseases; they can help to cure indigestion, prevent anaemia, improve memory and vision. What's more, they also contain only a trace amount of fat - leading them to be considered a low-fat, nutritious food. It should be noted, however, that overindulging on date fruit can cause weight gain due to their excessive sugar content (mostly simple sugars).
Iranian Zahedi dates can be eaten directly out-of-hand or, for a twist, they can be seeded and stuffed with variety of different foodstuffs for different flavour combinations. They make a delicious addition to cereal, puddings, bread, cakes, cookies, ice cream or candy bars. Surplus dates from production are not wasted, being processed into cubes, paste, spread, powder (date sugar), jam, jelly, juice, syrup, vinegar and alcohol. Other products produced using Zahedi dates include palm sugar, chocolate, fruit bars and certain soft drinks. They are also a popular choice amongst diabetics because of their low and natural sugar.


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