Lulu Date

Iranian Lulu Date

Iranian Lulu Date: Organic, Tasety, cheap price, round shape, fleshy nature, Dry date
*very similar to Arabian Ajwa date*
Moisture: Below 15%                            Shelf Life: Over one year in room temperature
Shipment: By dry container                  Description: One of the most popular Dates for export
Color: Dark brown to black
Packing: various kinds of small and bulk packing as per buyer's request with our brand or customer's brand are available
Our Factory treatment for Lulu Date: Lulu dates in Pirooz Date factory are all washed, dried, sterlized , sorted, vacuumed and then packed into high quality export packing as per buyer's request.
Payment terms: L/C, TT, Cash, Western Union
All Pirooz Date products are exported with ISIRI, PQ, CC and Fumigation and other required phytosanitary certificates.
"Please feel free to Contact us for any inquiry"
Email:                          Mobile: +989120192732
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Lulu date is one of the most popular types of dates in Iran which is harvested in the southern regions of Iran. 
This kind of Iranian dried and semi-dried date is attractive for many customers because of its round, handy shape and, also, its tasteful, fleshy nature.  
Lulu Date doesn't need any special condition for keeping so you keep them into room temperature for at least 18 months.
Lulu dates, like other date varieties, have different medicinal and therapeutic properties that are effective in the treatment of various diseases, including the treatment of anemia. The phosphorus in the opium dates makes lively nerve cells more secure, hence it is used to treat neurological diseases and relax more in traditional medicine. Lulu date has the moisture under 15% and stores in room temperature with the shelf life more than 12 months. Lulu dates are available in retail and bulk package.
 Lulu Date taste is sweet and has a unique delicious and indescribable taste.
Lulu Date is exported in two types of Dried and also semi-dried that has syrup in various packing as customers’ demand.
Our company, as one of the biggest, most prominent exporters and suppliers of Lulu date is Iran, is honored to inform its potential customers that our prices are always competitive and our quality the best.
For the time being, our Lulu dates are exported on small scale to many countries including UAE, Russia, Qatar, India, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Netherland and etc.

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