Khasoei Date

Iranian Khassui Date

Iranian Khasoei (Khase) Date: Organic, premium quality, export quality packing, Semi-Dry date
Organic, Premium quality, tasety, highly nutrtious, One of the best Iranian Dates for export
Moisture: 15-25%
Shelf Life: At room temperature around 12 months under interim fumigation
Shipment: Dry container (Reefer is preferred)
Description: A variety which is becoming popular all around the world
Grade: Premium grade                                              Taste: sweat
Our Factory treatment for Khassuie Date: Khassui (Khase or Khasoie or Iranian Sukkari) dates in Pirooz Date factory are all washed, dried, sterlized, sorted, vacuumed and then packed into high quality export packing as per buyer's request.
Physical characteristics: Round shape, semi-dry date, various colors from light or golden brown to dark brown based on place of origin, soft and sweat
Payment terms: L/C, TT, Cash, Western Union
Packing: Our branded packings or customer design packing
All Pirooz Date products are exported with ISIRI, PQ, CC and Fumigation and other required phytosanitary certificates.
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Iranian Khasoei or Khase or Kahassui date is cultivated in Jam (Bushehr province), Haji Abad (Hormozgan province), Behbahan (Khuzestan province) and Fasa (Fars province).
Khassui dates have high quality and a very sweet fruit. Iranian Khassuie date is considered as one of the smallest varieties of Iranian dates and has a long hold life.
According to the species and its growth area, Khasoie date is typically found in different colors from golden yellow to bright brown, from pure red to dark brown and from dark red to blackish dark purple.
Our company, as one of the biggest manufacturers, farmers and exporters of Iranian Khassui (Khasoie) date is ready to export this variety of Iranian date to potential customers worldwide in customers' demanded packings.
In our Factory, all khassuie (Khasoie) dates are sorted, washed, sterlized and then packed into customer demanded boxes.
Our company, as one of the biggest suppliers and exporters of Iranian Khasoei (Khassuie) date, is honored to declare its readiness for exporting this variety of Iranian date to potential customers wih customers' demnded packing.
For the time being, our Khassuie dates are exported on small scale to many countries including UAE, Russia, Qatar, India, Kazakhstan and etc.

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