Barhi Date

Iranian Barhi Date

Iranian Barhi Date: Organic, premium quality, export quality packing, Semi-Dry date
Main Characteristics of Iranian Barhi Date:
Dainty, delicate, tender, fresh, just right sweetness, one of the most delicious kinds of Iranian dates
Shelf Life: At room temperature around 6 months
  (Shipment: Dry container (Reefer is preferred
Description: Barhi dates are small and round and have a soft, somewhat chewy texture. This gorgeous variety of dates are known for having a sinfully sweet, butterscotch candy flavor. Our superb Barhis are preserved without sulphur dioxide for a natural delight you’ll celebrate.
 Color: Golden yellow to light brown                          Taste: sweat
Our Factory treatment for Barhi Date: Barhi dates in our factory are all washed, dried, sterlized, sorted, vacuumed and then packed into high quality export packing as per buyer's request.
Physical characteristics: Round shape, semi-dry date, various colors from light or golden brown to dark brown based on place of origin, soft and sweat
Payment terms: L/C, TT, Cash, Western Union
Packing: Our branded packing or customer design packing
All Pirooz Date products are exported with ISIRI, PQ, CC and Fumigation and other required phytosanitary certificates.
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One outstanding soft date is the BARHI, introduced from Khuzestan, Iran, in 1913.
The meaning of the Barhi is uncertain, possibly associated with the hot summer winds (“bahr”) at Basra, supposed to have some effect on the maturity of the fruit. The fruit is almost round and amber to mahogany brown when ripe. The flesh is thick, soft, smooth, and translucent and the flavor is rich, and delicate.
Iranian Barhi Date is an exceptionally fine date and its deliciously sweet flavor has earned it the nickname of the Iranian “honey ball” date. Many of the Barhi grown in Iran are planted in Khuzistan city palm lands and then are harvested and sold in the Khalal stage of ripening. In this stage the Barhi is bright yellow and crisp like an apple, with a sweet astringency that makes it a true delicacy. 
Barhi date is not among the main varieties of Iranian dates that are exported worldwide but its delicious nature has made it as one of our company products portfolio which has its special buyers all over the world.
Our company, as one of the biggest suppliers and exporters of Iranian barhi date, is honored to declare its readiness for exporting this variety of Iranian date to potential customers wih customers' demnded packing.
For the time being, our Barhi dates are exported on small scale to many countries including UAE, Russia, Qatar, India and etc.



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