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Pirooz Date Products

Manufacturer & Exporter of all kinds of Iranian organic dates-based products including date paste, date syrup, date bar and etc. Tropical Sunshine Green...


Sayer DateIranian Sayer Date

Export Quality
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Date PasteSoft & Homogenized

Export Quality
Various Packing
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Date SyrupDate Liquid Sugar

Soft & Homogenized
Long Shelf Life
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GolNik Date BarHighly nutritious

Protein Date Bar
New Formula
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Date SugarNatural Sweatener

Export Quality
Fiber-rich Sugar
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Fresh Mazafati DateIranian Mazafati Date

Sorted, Export Quality
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Chopped DateDate Chips

Sterilized,export quality
Organic Diced Dates
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Palm Date CubeHigh Quality

The best sweetener
Highly Nutritious
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Rabbi DateIranian Rabbee Date

Sorted, export quality
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Sliced-pitted Datewith automatic machinery

Various dates available
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Zahedi DateOrganic Zahidi Dates

Export Quality
Organic, sorted
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Piarom DateIranian Pyarom Date

Organic, Export quality
Various packing
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Kabkab DateIranian Kabkab Date

Sorted,Export Quality
Organic,various packing
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Lulu DateIranian Lulu Date

Export Quality
Organic, sterilized
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Khasoei DateIranian Khassui Date

Khase Date
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Barhi DateIranian Barhi Date

Tender, Fresh
Right sweetness
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Shahani DateIranian Shahani Date

Industrial usage
Cheap price
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Golden Date SyrupNew Product, New Taste

Invigorating, Healthy
No sugar added, Vegan
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Medjool DateDiamond of Dates

Iranian Luxury Date
Special fresh taste
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Shahabi DateSemi-dry Date

High sugar content
Big size Date
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Blocked Pressed DatesIranian Dates

washed,sorted,sterilized,vacuum packed Show Details

Tahini Date SyrupEnergy Bomb


Kalute DateIranian Kalooteh Date

Export quality, sorted, vacuum packed Show Details

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