Tahini Date Syrup

GolNik Tahini (tahini/tahine) Date Syrup: produced by mixing Tahini made from toasted ground hulled sesame and organic date syrup made from high quality Iranian dates with a NEW FORMULA and fully automatic machinery.
GolNik Tahina Date syrup Description: 
Tahini is one of the products obtained from sesame. In traditional medicine, Tahini is defined as skinless roasted sesame that has been pulverized in liquid form and its oil hasn’t been withdrawn. Tahini is obtained from skinless sesame which has been pulverized and contains its oil and it comes in creamy-yellowish color and is traditionally used to make halva. Tahini is a complete nutrient on its own and can be used as a meal especially breakfast. 
If Tahini is used with date syrup or date itself, it will have a sweeter taste and will also bring more energy to the body so if we can include this amazing, invigorating, healthy mixture in our breakfast, we can be sure that we can get enough energy and nutrition to make a full successful day!
GolNik company as the best brand of date-based products, especially date syrup, is now producing this new product with a New Formula by mixing its organic date syrup with high quality sesame tahini in various retail, small and bulk packing.
GolNik Tahini & Date syrup production process:
Organic date syrup made in Syrup production hall is delivered to food grade homogenizers and there it is mixed with high quality sesame tahini which is produced by some tahini making machinery which is working in our other production hall. The mixture is then well treated and packed in customers’ packing. 
Main characteristics of GolNik Tahini Date Syrup:
+ No bake
+ Sweet, chewy, and wholesome
+ gluten-free, Vegan. no dairy, no soy, no artificial flavors, no preservatives, no fillers, non GMO
+ Highly nutritious, organic
+ New taste, New Formula
+ Long shelf life
+ Invigorating for kids and athletes
GolNik Tahini & Date Syrup available Packing: supermarket 20-100 gram packing (sachet or etc.), PET Jar packing, glass packing or other bulk or retail packing as per buyers’ demands
Health benefits of GolNik Date Bar:
+ Very Nutritious
+ High in Fiber
+ High in Disease-Fighting Antioxidants
+ Promote Brain Health
+ Promote Natural Labor
+ Excellent Natural Sweetener
+ Promote bone health
+ Control blood sugar 
Certification: All Custom required documents like PI, PL, PQ, Sanitary certificate, National standard certificate, microbial test analysis and etc. are offered at the time of exporting.
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